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Compatibility with doors..

Can I install eVy 2 on my door?



  • The lock is compatible with all doors fitted with a European cylinder.
  • The cylinder is compatible with multi-point locks with manual lifting.
  • The cylinder is compatible with multi-point locks with automatic lifting.
If you don't have a handle on your door, the lock will serve as the handle, but you will have to badge or use your smartphone every time you pass through (as you do now with your key).

Preparation / Installation

The preparation and installation is very simple and will not take you more than 2 minutes

  • Measure the thickness of your door taking into account the door fitting (Outer Length x Inner length) These lengths will be requested after your order by email.
  • Disassemble the old cylinder of your door
  • Install and tighten the lock eVy.
  • Install and screw the outside knob of the lock.

Measurement of individual parts

You have to be careful not to have your door jamb too close to the cylinder !

The cylinder length can be adapted to your door (inner+outer lenghs) with a step of 5mm : Measuring kit
Easy installation