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Intelligent and secure keyless access


A connected system for opening offices

Managing keys is time-consuming, costly and complicated? The implementation of a connected and dematerialised access control system can be a solution.

The eVy connected lock works with Bluetooth and can be unlocked in 3 ways : smartphone, code with the eDy digicode and NFC badge. If a badge is lost, it can be deleted instantly from the Elocky app.

It is compatible with all doors (multipoint, manual lift, etc.) fitted with a European format cylinder. Installation is quick and easy.

Mobile application

The benefits of a connected access control system

  • Saves time and money : Elocky locking solutions no longer use keys. This reduces the risk of loss and the costs that can arise from this loss.
  • Remote management : Elocky locking systems allow flexible access. You are not on site and an access needs to be given or a door unlocked? You can do it securely from a distance.
  • Access traceability : security is reinforced. You can view the opening/closing log of all electronic locks. In addition, in the event of an intrusion, you are immediately notified.
  • You can't lose your keys with an access control system : less stress and more security for you and your employees
  • Total control : you manage all accesses in your company from a Web App (link Web App). Decide for each employee who has access to which building or room and when they can access it.

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Access control solutions that adapt

  • Dry contact for electrified openings (door, parking barrier, etc.)
  • eVy smart lock for exterior and/or interior doors with a European cylinder
  • The connected handle only for interior doors
  • The eVy half cylinder for panic doors
  • The eVy double lock to secure both sides of the door
  • eZy Box for remote opening (can manage several locks)
  • Opening sensor, motion radar and beacon (they must work with the eZy box) to be warned remotely of the slightest intrusion

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