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Forget your keys:

Adopt Evy, the smart door lock

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All that Elocky offers you

While keeping manual locking, eVy allows you virtual keys managment, remote control and surveillance of your property, all from your smartphone

Share your keys
Share your keys
Total control of your locks without moving and without the inconvenience of a physical copy of the keys.
Great autonomy
Great autonomy
With its low electric consumption, eVy is able to operate up to 2 years.
Active surveillance
Active surveillance
Keep up to date with a complete log of your lock on your smartphone.
Maximum security
Maximum security
We use several reliable and proven standards of encryption for the security of your data.
Where to use this product?

You own a coworking space? Do you rent an accomodation on Airbnb? Are you tired of key management? Then our product is for you.

serrure connectée

New connected lock eVy 2 by Elocky

After 2 years of marketing eVy locks, we have further improved our product based on customer feedback to bring you a new version with many benefits and new features.

  • Three opening modes: badge / smartphone / key
  • Logbook of your lock openings
  • Access rights management with adjustable schedules
  • new NFC badge management on the smartphone
  • new Emergency keys manageable from his smartphone.
  • new The battery is accessible from the outside.
  • new Ergonomic buttons for a better grip.
Buy eVy 2
We use one ephemeral encryption key, known only to our system and your connected lock , which make communications sealed and absolutely unusable by any unknown person.

Want to be able to open your connected lock just with a code? Try our eDy keypad for eVy2 lock

digicode eDy

New eDy keypad eVy2 compatible (only)

Thanks to the digicode, you can unlock the eVy2 connected lock without any accessory, no need for a phone or a badge

  • Management of keypad codes from your smartphone
  • Locks/unlocks doors equipped with eVy2 connected lock
  • Possibility to create permanent and punctual accesses easily
  • Logbook of the openings by code of your connected lock
Buy the eDy keypad
Memorize up to 250 badges and digicode accesses on the eVy2 connected lock. The "virtual digicode" mode allows you to use the codes via the mobile application, without necessarily needing the eDy Digicode.

Do you want to be able to protect/share your gate, car, house or emergency keys and NFC badges ? Try our eVy2 connected key box

boîte à clés eVy 2

New eVy 2 connected key box

Thanks to the bluetooth of your smartphone, or directly on the keypad you unlock the eVy2 key box

  • Two opening modes: smartphone / digicode
  • Management of keypad codes from your smartphone
  • Access rights management with adjustable schedules
  • Logbook of smartphone and code openings
Buy the eVy 2 connected key box
Memorization of 100 digicode codes on the eVy2 connected key box and creation of unlimited user access from the application for bluetooth openings with the smartphone.
Easy installation

Can I install evy on my door?

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Elocky SAS

Evy by Elocky is an intelligent, European, cylinder lock. It allows remote, virtual control and surveillance of your property, all from your smartphone with bluetooth


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