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The smart lock on building sites

How does the connected lock help access on building sites?


Key management problem

You manage construction sites and keys are a real problem for you? Moreover you want to secure a maximum access to your sites ?

Our solution: a connected lock! Elocky now offers several ranges (connected lock, connected locker lock and connected padlock) that can answer many needs.

Mobile application

Go digital and it's all easy

With the eVy product range :
You can unlock with a smartphone or NFC badge. You can send permanent or temporary access to your employees by SMS or MAIL. Badges can also be programmed for a specific period of time. Finally, in case of loss, they can be remotely deactivated.

With the eLy product range:
You can unlock with the eKy electronic key. It is programmable and manageable from the Elocky application, so it can be used to open several doors. Finally, in case of loss, it can be blacklisted remotely with the application.

Don't hesitate any longer, secure your building sites with Elocky solutions.

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